Building on our strengths to grow world-leading industries and creating the conditions for innovation to flourish.

The way we live, play and work is changing. Technology innovations and global interconnectedness are increasing, leading to the rapid creation of new and disruption of traditional industries.

To maintain and improve our current growth we need to support the development of innovative, fast-growing industries.

Global NSW will:

  • Accelerate the creation of new, resilient jobs in advanced industries
  • Build new programs and services to assist our priority sectors to become world-leading
  • Promote cyber security practices and technology to boost resilience and competitiveness
  • Develop a skills pipeline to match future industry requirements
  • Grow NSW into the start-up and innovation leader of the Asia-Pacific
  • Provide the conditions for innovation to flourish by supporting more start-ups and encouraging businesses to adopt innovation
  • Support our scale-ups to stay and grow in NSW

Targeting the enabling capabilities of technology, workforce development and advanced manufacturing, Global NSW will nurture and foster the growing industries of the future to improve our competitiveness on the world stage.