About Global NSW

About Us

Global NSW positions Sydney and NSW as Australia’s global hub, bringing together the expertise of our people representing industry and innovation, trade and investment, and precinct development.

Global NSW is a government-wide plan to grow and build on our prosperity. We will do this by growing and diversifying trade, stimulating new business investment, fostering innovation and boosting our industry competitiveness in our cities and across the regions.

Global NSW will connect NSW to the world by growing leading industries and creating great places to live, work and study, under three key pillars:

  1. Connected – Taking the best of NSW to the world and bringing the best of the world to NSW. Trade, investment and the advancement of a global innovation economy are critical to driving our future economic success.
  2. Smart – Building on our strengths to grow world leading industries and creating the conditions for innovation to flourish. Technology innovations and global inter-connectedness are increasing, leading to the rapid creation of new industries and disruption of traditional industries.
  3. Vibrant - Creating vibrant precincts where people and businesses thrive. Vibrant precincts are huge drivers of competitive advantage. They are more than just great places to work, they are places where people live, learn and play.

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