24-Hr Economy The Vision

The Vision

Sydneysiders deserve a 24-hour global city. And the world deserves a 24-hour Sydney.

Sydney has long been Australia’s largest city and only truly global metropolis. It is recognised globally as a world-class cultural and entertainment hub. It is also home to over five million people of diverse interests, backgrounds and aspirations.

The global pandemic has presented us with a unique opportunity to re-think how we engage with our great city to:

  • extend the economic vibrancy of the day into the night;
  • support our most affected sectors through a strategy for growth; and
  • collaborate with industry and local government to awaken hubs of community activity and entertainment across Greater Sydney.

We will activate a vibrant, diverse, inclusive and safe 24-hour economy in Sydney – a global beacon of culture, entertainment and amenity.

The 24-hour Economy Strategy is a collaborative effort, reflecting the work of many NSW Government agencies, an Industry Advisory Group and a number of Sydney councils actively involved in shaping the night-time economy.

Our vision is of a Sydney that embraces a spirit of welcome, story-telling and community-building that stems back to our Aboriginal heritage, and looks forward to a cosmopolitan and creative future. 

We invite you to join us in a new vision for a 24-hour Sydney