24 Hr Delivery and Approach

 Delivery and Approach

The 24-hour Economy Strategy intends to realise an ambitious and long-term vision for Sydney. Its implementation will be phased over a period of several years, in line with the practical requirements for each action in the Strategy and with the State’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

To guide the Strategy, a multi-stakeholder governance and implementation framework is envisaged, to be led by the 24-hour Economy Coordinator General. The Coordinator General will report to and work closely with Ministers, and be responsible for the implementation of the Acceleration Program. In discharging this duty, the Coordinator General will take counsel from a Consultative Committee comprising NSW Government agencies, industry representatives and Councils.

The Coordinator General will also work with a series of NSW Government working groups that will reflect the breadth of consultation required to build and implement the Strategy. These working groups will involve key agencies and be organised functionally to achieve different aspects of the Strategy in a collaborative fashion.