The 24-hour Economy Strategy

The 24-hour Economy Strategy sets out an ambitious and collaborative vision. 

The actions under the Strategy will require close and ongoing collaboration across Government, and with Councils, businesses large and small, and the community. Three key measures will help achieve this.

1. A Coordinator General for the 24-hour Economy

A Coordinator General will be appointed to be the central coordinator for the Strategy’s implementation, the key point of contact for its many stakeholders, and a champion for a vibrant, diverse, inclusive and safe 24-hour economy throughout Sydney. 

The Coordinator General will work closely with the Minister responsible for the 24-hour economy, the Premier, other relevant ministers. The Coordinator General will also liaise closely with industry and councils to ensure they remain at the heart of this Strategy’s implementation.

2. The 24-hour Economy Acceleration Program

A 24-hour Economy Acceleration Program will help Councils activate 24-hour economy hubs that reflect the unique needs and identities of their local communities. 
The Program will be designed to support the activation of specific actions under the Strategy, through such activities as the provision of policy guidance, advice and Government support for specific activations. The Program will be managed and implemented by the Coordinator General with the support of a multi-stakeholder governance framework.

3. The Neon Grid

The Neon Grid is a layered framework that will identify and represent Sydney’s interconnected and diverse 24-hour economy. The Grid will enable Government, industry and councils to map, benchmark and plan the growth of Greater Sydney’s 24-hour economy as one interconnected whole. 
Ultimately it will also be a tool that will connect local and international consumers of Sydney’s night-economy, as well as businesses and entrepreneurs, to the best that Greater Sydney has to offer. 

Map of NSW